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Olivia Peters

I wanted to do an intensive course but the only ones that i could find were ones through large driving schools and i wanted to go independently but luckily I came across i-Leaner, which were able to fit me in exactly when i wanted and the exact amount of hours i wanted to do (33 hour intensive course) all for a very reasonable price.

I passed my test first time purely down to Firat's teaching. He is an amazing driving instructor, who is very patient and teaches you everything but makes it very simple to understand. He makes learning to drive very enjoyable and non nerve racking.

I would definitely recommend Firat to anyone. If you are looking for a friendly, funny, calm, and very good driving instructor then defiantly go with Firat!!

Once again, thank you very much Firat.


Firat is an amazing driving instructor. I'm quite a nervous person but Firat helped me to relax during my lessons and manage my nerves with his friendly and fun attitude. I have had other driving instructors in the past but Firat has helped me to be confident in my driving ability and competent on the road. I would highly recommend Firat to anyone looking for a quality driving instructor.


Firat is a brilliant driving instructor, I could not think of anyone better to have learnt to drive with, and cannot reccomend him enough!
Throughout my whole time learning with him he never failed to demonstrate a calm, patient, and understanding attitude. Each lesson was undoubtedly enjoyable, with Firat's approachable, friendly, and hilarious personality.
Not once did I feel under pressure or judged for any mistakes made, instead Firat helped make me to feel more comfortable, confident and at ease with driving.
Choosing Firat as a driving instructor was definitely the best decision I could have made, as I cannot imagine the experience to be anywhere near as successful and enjoyable with anyone other than him.


Firat is an excellent driving Instructor, thanks to all his guidance I managed to pass my test first time.
Firat has a great manner about him and explains everything very clearly and calmly. I felt much more confident in my driving than I thought I would do. He made me feel very calm during lessons thanks to his excellent teaching and slightly more questionable singing skills.
Thanks for all your help, I would definitely recommend i-learner driving school.


I never expected to pass my test first time when I began looking for driving instructors, however Firat was not only able to get me to pass first time but with zero driver faults as well!

Firats teaching method is extremely effective and worked perfectly for me, he is patient, relaxed and tells you exactly where you are going wrong and how to correct it. For anyone looking to start lessons I would highly recommend going with i-learner because I genuinely believe I couldn't have had a better instructor.

Thank you once again Firat for your patience, understanding and dedication. Not only have I passed but thanks to you I will continue to be a safe and responsible driver for years to come.
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